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Tokah is a bracelet brand inspired by the strength and pureness of nature. The name Tokah is based on the Maori word for rock.

Started by two friends who want to wear quality materials only and who love to combine soft and silky with strong and solid. And who are always looking for that single special piece of jewelry that sparks a personal style.

Our collection includes 3 bracelet-lines. Our Royal-line is a refined elegancy of style and consists of high quality stone beads and our sterling silver Tokah-bead. Our Imperial-line is more exuberant by adding more silver beads to our bracelets. Finally, our Divine-line is the most glamourous. For this line we use pearls and 12mm stone beads combined with silver beads and our Tokah- bead.

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Tokah offers the highest quality bracelets, each single special pieces of jewelry that will enhance your personal style.